Hier ist die 140er von Jens!

Das schrieb uns Jens zu seinem Boot:

ok! some info:
I bought my fletcher in october 2003 and itīs my first boat, ever.
When I bought it I didnīt know so much about boats or the name Fletcher
but now I know that I made a good choise
and I dont regret anything , īcos its great and perfect for my
needs.(cruising & watersports)

The topspeed is about 69-70 km/h(GPS) with a 10"x17" michigan
aluminium.propp. at about 5500-5600rpm.
I want to get a little more topspeed so maybe a little bit higher
mounting of the enginge or
a "cupped" steel propp will do it, or maybe a bigger engine (about 80-90hp)
Iīve tried a 10"x19" propp. but that was a little bit too much for my
merc.60 (i only reach about 5100rpm but almost the same speed)
with a 10.1/8"x15" my merc. overrun to about 6000rpm but it works pretty
well when i have passengers or when we doing watersports.